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About Us

Hey there! If you are reading this, then congratulations! You’ve finally taken the first step towards popularizing your brand! And also the last step. Because Brand Toniq believes in nurturing your brand while you’re busy focusing on other arenas of your company! So relax, sit back, and let us take care of all your branding needs!


A leading player for 10 years in this game, we’re the media maestros you need on board! From evaluation and ideation to conceptualization and execution, Brand Toniq does it all!

As a 360-degree integrated marketing communication agency specializing in advertising, designing & packaging, we are the go-to source for all brand-building activities. Amp up your digital footprint by organizing social media campaigns or become a household name with our vigorous promotional activities; Brand Toniq ensures a smooth way to success with a perfect mix of traditional & modern media!

So it is time to hand over the reigns and let us help you grow your brand baby into a big FAT booming business!

Flashback To The Mastermind Behind Brand Toniq

Every legendary company has a background story full of struggles, twists & turns, and a happy ending. Well, ours is just a bit more interesting! Find out a little more about us and get to know the dynamic Queen of marketing! By the way, just grab some popcorn!

Once upon a time, a highly creative person with an advertising industry exposure of a rich number of years felt that her job had become stagnant. With most agencies conning their clients out of money by delivering sub-standard work, her patience was running out and it made her blood boil. Every fresh idea she presented that was unique & out-of-the-box faced rejections by bosses who had slipped into a monotonous comfort zone.

After 15 years of working in the same sort of environment and studying that the market was dotted with such agencies, her creativity and skills were overflowing and longing to be put to use in a more intellectual manner. It was then that she realized that it was time to step out of the mundane job, be bold and start a creatively free-spirited advertising agency in the Chandigarh region in 2012. She aspired to hire a team of risk-takers and innovators who weren’t scared of stepping out of the ordinary and created a highly productive environment for them.

Ms.Harkanwal Kaur

Ambitious, Inventive, Resourceful.

It was then that BRAND TONIQ was born which is an amalgamation of fresh creative ideas, veteran skills, agile approach, and a down to earth attitude. Brand Toniq is a hardcore advertising company with Mrs.Harkanwal Kaur as its CEO and Mr. Avtar Sandhu as the captain needed to steer the clients in the right direction! Equipped with a razor-sharp PR & Marketing proficiency and a team of highly qualified content creators, designers, social media managers, website developers, and digital marketers, Brand Toniq has won a well-deserved feat PAN India!

Mr. Avtar Sandhu

Visionary, Strategist, Planner.

Mr. Avtar Sandhu, the Managing Director and the captain of our ship, makes sure that we sail through the stormy waters with ease and helps us stay creatively afloat! The most loved team member of our clients, his customer-centric approach and wise insights wins every brand’s heart! With a vast and rich experience of 20 + years in the client-servicing industry, Mr. Sandhu’s leadership & management skills steer not only the team but also the clients in the right direction. His expert guidance makes it possible for Brand Toniq to experiment, innovate, and execute. Excellent with numbers, he is the only one we trust with our financial planning and ingenious strategies that sees through the efficiency and success of every campaign! Prioritizing customer-satisfaction, quality work, and timely delivery, Mr. Sandhu is our very own ‘Quality Test Control’ machine! If Mrs. Harkanwal is the heart, then Mr. Avtar is the brain, and the Team is the soul that forms the spirit of Brand Toniq!

Our Values

‘Smaller Can Work Smarter’ is our core mantra for being the best brains in the advertisement industry. We believe in –
• Transparency
• Uniqueness
• Quality
• Productivity
• Commitment

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