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Welcome to BRANDTONIQ, a profusely growing advertising agency in Chandigarh with industry clients ranging from Real Estate, Education, Hospitality, Hotel industry, Jewellery, FMCG & others.

The best advertising always has a history…..

Once upon a time, back in 2012, two highly creative persons with an advertising industry exposure of a rich number of years felt that their jobs have become stagnant. Their creativity and skills were overflowing. It was time to step out of the mundane job and to start a highly productive environment for them.


It was then, BRANDTONIQ was born which is an amalgamation of fresh creative ideas, veteran skills, agile approach, and down to earth attitude. BrandToniq is a hardcore advertising company with Mrs.Harkanwal Kaur as its CEO with a razor-sharp PR & Marketing proficiency.


Our insight; Smaller can work Smarter is our core mantra for being the best brains in the advertisement industry. We believe in transparency, uniqueness, quality, productivity and, commitment oriented work. At Brand Toniq, if it’s not results-oriented, it’ll probably be lying somewhere in the dustbin.

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