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Packaging Design

The best creative branding agency in Chandigarh, Brand Toniq has made its presence felt PAN India. Appreciated in the industrial market of North India, it is one of the best packaging design company in Tricity! We analyze your product, the target audience, the market requirements and design accordingly, playing with various themes, colours, and concepts to make your product stand out!

Not only brand visibility, Brand Positioning is also crucial, whether online, offline, or in markets & stores! The most critical consideration is how you show your goods & products in the market, regardless of what you manufacture and sell. We focus on a dynamic presentation and produce compelling and striking packaging designs for your brand, so that you can let our expert endeavours take care of all your packaging needs stress-free! We create designs that put your company at the top be it online or offline! 

Best Packaging Design Company in Chandigarh, our agency is known for producing attractive packages that not only suit the product, complement the tone of the brand & business, but is also designed & created strategically to catch the eye and capture the interest of the target audience!

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Create 100% temptation with powerful packaging design

Good packaging protects your product; Brand Toniq’s packaging protects your brand.”

Rose & Mary went to the market with a list of products. When they came home, three of their products were replaced with a new brand instead of their regular one and two of them they bought out impulsively. Can you guess the reason why?

The packaging design of those products was so creative and alluring that Rose & Mary couldn’t resist the temptation not to buy them. This is the magic of packaging.

Creative and alluring packaging immediately grabs the attention, interacts with the user and makes them feel special after owning that product. Packaging design plays an important role in outshining your products on the shelves amongst others.

3 secrets to Brand Toniq’s best product packaging

Creative packaging design lies in the genes of every advertisement agency. But to make it alluring is an uphill task. At Brand Toniq, we sure do know the secrets behind how to mix creativity and temptation in the desired proportions to make your products scream.

  1. Keep it creative and simple

The best value to offer a product’s packaging is to keep it connected to the roots of the brand, at the same time being creative as well. For eg., Healthy Planet Solution’s reusable baby food pouch. They used creative and eco-friendly packaging to beat the competition and capture the market.

Healthy Planet Solution took a step ahead in designing reusable food pouch in an appealing greener packaging to echo with nature. This was the best alternative to traditional baby food containers. It is very easy to fill and clean them even in the dishwashers. They can be boiled as well as can be stored in the freezer.

The packaging attracted the kids and even the adults to a great extent, and its reusability made it a completely sustainable product.

  1. Sometimes it is better to let the product speak

Brand Toniq’s packaging trick is to sometimes let the product do all the talking. We believe that when a product is sleek, tempting and appealing; why hide it behind layers of packaging designs? Let the product speak louder than its package.

Look at the two perfectly packed food products from “Pietro Gala.” The visible products speak a lot about their finest quality and invite taste buds to savour them instantly. Such is the power of see-through packaging.

Transparent packaging is a great way to clock the customer’s attention, especially in the food industry. The above fruit and vegetable packaging convey a strong message in a very subtle way. These are fresh fruits and vegetables which are very good for your stomach. Did they need to write the message or the story? No, the packaging does the job for them and grabs all the attention and sales.

  1. Play with unique packaging ideas

You have a product which has many competitors in the market. What is the one factor that will be contrasting for you to outscore the battle? Play a unique packaging card and win the race. How?

Exactly like the way “Hanger Tea” swam through the sea of tea products with their ultra-exclusive and unique packaging design. The tea bags were hung on the hangers instead of a thread. These hangers can be rested on the edge of the teacups to let the hangers make the tea instead of a customer’s hands.

The overall experience made the tea taste better with an air of sophistication surrounding the product user. The result: an increase in sales.

Packaging in a nutshell

The abstract is that packaging is the present and the future of the high growth marketing strategy. It can be bright, functional, creative, or even absurd; try any tactics with the end goal in mind to boost sales.

And in that process meet the packaging and advertising experts: Brand Toniq!