Say YES to Newspaper advertising even in this digital era. Here’s why?

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Newspaper advertising

Newspaper advertising

Say YES to Newspaper advertising even in this digital era. Here’s why?

Jill Abramson once said, “The printed newspaper is a powerful showcase for news, opinion and advertising.

Everyone has roots associated with newspapers. One of the most powerful message carriers; the newspapers connect the city and the nation through words. According to the Business Standard, the Indian readership survey data for Q1 of 2019 revealed that the print readership in India had reached 425 million readers from 407 million readers in 2017.

In the print industry, newspapers are the first and foremost choice of entrepreneurs and brands for advertising.

There is a special 45% slot set aside for the newspaper advertisements. They belong to different categories.

The creative advertising team works their brain to utilize the space in the best way possible. Sometimes, a whole message is conveyed through the minimalistic design approach while at other, the ads are full of details. The key is to bring the reader’s attention from news pieces to advertisements.

It’s essential to select the newspaper advertisement category appropriately as per the budget, buyer persona and the brand requisites.

Select your newspaper ads category

For every brand to get public attention, every newspaper has reserved two special categories for their advertisements.

  1. Display advertisements

  2. Insert advertisements

Let’s dive deep into each particular section.

Display advertisements

You might have heard the proverb, “All that is displayed gets attention and get sold.” Wonder where have you read it? Yes, you remembered it right. It was probably in the newspaper itself. And see the time-span of this line on your mind, even though you might have read it once, it is still echoing there in your brain.

The display ads play the similar roles. They run on either one-eighth of the space, a half-page or even cover a full-page. They are popular by the name box-ads since they occupy a rectangular or square box shape space. The full-length page ads get maximum attention because of their size and if topped with the creative advertising campaign, they are glanced by lakhs of eyes.

If your brand has enough budgets, then full-length display ads are the best means to reach masses within a short time-span. Several brands are in the race to highlight their products in the display advertisement section of the famous newspapers. This space is targeted by companies like cosmetics, hospitality, real estate, domestic items, kitchenware, electronic goods and almost every other brand.

Insert advertisements

An insert ad also known as the flyer is a full-page insertion in the newspaper to be distributed along with them. The circulation criteria and the production cost both are required to be borne by the advertiser.

The inserts stand alone in the newspaper. They get more chances to be pulled out and read by the reader.

Insert ads increase the chances of visibility by being designed after studying the buyer persona of a particular locality or city as a whole. You can select the target market as per your brand requisite thus gaining the advantage of the cost control factor here.

Also, beautifully designed insert ads are kept as a memento by the readers which serve as a constant reminder of a brand’s voice in their brain.

What next?

It’s time to tell us the brief and we will take it from here.

Since now you are well aware that nothing can beat the charismatic charm of reading a newspaper and discovering a creatively placed ad inside it.

While the trendy gadgets make the eyes sore, newspapers have very soothing appeal to the mind and senses of the readers. So, even in this era of digitalization, one sure thing that can make your brand stand out from the crowd is that full-page newspaper insert or a glossy display advertisement on the cover page of your local newspaper.

It’s high time you stop over-thinking & start giving us the brief & we will make your brand shine in the upcoming latest edition.

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