Outdoor advertising - Are you familiar with outdoor advertising?

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Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising: Trends & advantages


Are you familiar with outdoor advertising?

We bet you are. If not, let’s get familiar. First, let us understand what pain you are going through in this digital era of advertising. Are the advertisers dumping you beneath piles of online ads, and you are getting jaded? You need getting out on a long drive for that fresh breath of air.

And there is something on the billboard or the moving bus that catches your attention while you are waiting on the signal to turn green. That is Outdoor advertising. It is a much-required break from the clichéd online ads on the social media platforms or those unwanted pop-ups that keep appearing on your gadget screen.

Today in the digital era, the monotony and overpopulation of online ads are orienting the user’s attention to the billboard advertising. It feels nostalgic and comforting to be in the outdoor advertising era much like the handwritten notes, photo albums, fountain pens, etc. Billboard ads create a sudden pull towards the product with a fascinating force.

The multiple times a prospect sees an outdoor ad; the chances of building brand awareness increases.

Types of traditional outdoor advertising

This is an exhaustive category where anything and everything outside could be used as a means of communication between the brand and the user. Still, this broad field can be divided into three major categories:


The hoardings on the busy streets that captivate you with being all creative.

Transit ads

Ads shown on the screen of the moving bus or those pasted on the body of the moving vehicles.

Theatre ads

Those ads that run on the theatre screens of the box-office hit in your town.

Trendy & technological counterparts of OOH advertising

Digital Billboards

These are the most flexible form of OOH advertising. They allow advertisers to change messages, numbers and graphics easily and frequently. They are adjustable in terms of changing countdowns, conditional weather content, social media integration, displaying live updates, outdoor connect and more.

Shopping malls advertising

The prominent place to grab the eye is the shopping mall. People spend leisure time here, which is why everything on display gets ample attention from them. The facades and lobbies of the mall areas have thousands of visitors in a single day & these are the places which advertisers can take maximum advantage of.

A balloon ad, standee, free sample distribution, life-size characters used for brand promotion, displays on anchor stores, escalators, kiosks and wall mounts, etc. are the OOH trendsetters. Additionally, programmable video and digital displays are also popular means of outdoor advertising at present.

Airport advertising

The topmost business-oriented zone for OOH advertising is the airports. The reason being, 68% of the total airport traffic consists of business decision-makers as frequent flyers. Also, they spend larger dwell times on airports passing through significant holding areas and waiting for flights.

There are a variety of OOH media advertising options like banners, wall wraps, luggage carts, hoardings inside and outside the terminals, etc.

Outdoor advertising in airports is a great way to reach the target audience effectively.

Instagrammable Billboards

In this online era, while everything is going digital; what irks the young generation most is the rising ad pop-ups. But the Instagrammable OOH ads are a different breed of advertising altogether.

They are creative, captivating, engaging and visually appealing billboards ads that excite audiences. The Instagram family always love sharing great content and it takes only a few hours for any captivating content to shine on this platform.

Hence, this latest trend of Instagrammable billboard advertising is the key role player in OOH media marketing. What more, you can easily target a global audience rather than the local ones as compared to the traditional billboard marketing.

An increase in the event-based marketing

In-person events although being a traditional outdoor advertising method are gaining popularity these days. They are the best means to target multiple people at the same time and spread the word about your brand through different events.

Stalls or booth at a fair, trade show or convention boosts the advertising results with allowing you to speak face-to-face with the prospects and sharing the message in person. And this type of advertising is pretty much in the trend these days.

So what’s next?

A promising future

In conclusion, the year 2019 looks promising for exploring the different Outdoor media advertising trends. We wish you better visibility and greater reach with a prosperous future for your business.

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